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Another Difficult Conversation

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

"Difficult Conversations #3" Acrylic, 16 x 20"

It's a tricky thing, trying to respect all living beings.

At our house, we go out of our way to save spiders and bees and all kinds of bugs, and eat very little meat.

But ticks. Ticks we don't hesitate to kill. And we get a lot of ticks, on our dogs and cats, and us, since we like to be outside gardening and hiking.

Ticks want to live though. They're just doing what ticks have to do to live. Just like spiders and bees and all the other bugs.

I don't like killing them. I wish we could sit down and talk out a solution. Maybe eat something else. How about a burger?


© 2016 by Sue Brightly

Ithaca, New York


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